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Best Vegan Cafes- by Matthew 7.02.2016


1. The Waiting Room

The waiting room is an awesome Punk rock café located bang in the middle of Deptford High Street. This tiny café is always bustling with local rockers and hipsters and serves a range of vegan hotdogs, cakes and other nice treats.

The décor is awesome too, all aged wood and antiques and the staff are lovely to boot. A must-see for any vegan punk rocker!

2. Veggie Vegan

North London’s imaginatively named Veggie Vegan serves a mouthwatering menu of incredible vegetarian and vegan dishes, including its famous lunchtime buffet. As one of the most popular vegan caffs in London, it can sometimes be hard to find a seat, but boy is this place worth it!

3. Mildred’s

A landmark for London vegans, Mildred’s is probably London’s most famous vegan café. Located in the heart of Soho, it serves a huge range of fresh vegan foods and its ever changing menu means that everytime you go there’s something new to eat or try!

It’s now branched out to having a Camden location too, which means that whenever you’re North or Central you can pop in for a bite.

Top Ecigarette Shops- by Matthew 5.02.2016


The ecigarette trend has taken London by storm, and as a result we have some of the very best vaping shops in the UK.

1. Smokium

Located right off Brick Lane, smokium specialises in selling premium eliquids and incredible ecigarette components such as the Aspire Atlantis which I use myself.

Friendly, knowledgable staff can help everyone from complete beginners to people who have been vaping for years.

2. House of Vapes

House of Vapes is one of the biggest and most well known vaping shops in London. Selling their own unique mixtures of eliquid as well as beginner kits and more advanced vape gear, House of Vapes is a one-stop-shop for all your vaping needs.

3. Vape Emporium

This beautiful looking shop, located on Heath Street in North West London, is another great vaping shop. Selling all the best gear as well as particularly good tasting eliquids that they mix themselves in-house, Vape Emporium would be our top pick if it wasn’t for how far away they are!

That said, the place is always packed and the owners do a great job of managing to see to all their customers’ needs.

Best Rock Venues London- by Matthew 4.02.2016


1. Brixton Academy

This converted theatre is one of London’s most famous and prestigious rock venues, hosting everyone from Eminem to Massive Attack to metal band Mastodon.

One of the most beautiful and awe inspiring interiors in London paired with incredible sound and awesome bands every night make this out go-to London venue.

2. The Black Heart

The polar opposite of the Brixton Academy, this tiny pub venue has become legendary for hosting up and coming punk rock and metal bands. With an awesome kitchen pop-up which has hosted too many incredible pop up kitchens to count and a huge range of cocktails and craft beers, the Black Heart is our favourite pub venue in London, bar none.

3. The Underworld

Located just across the road from The Black Heart, the Camden Underworld leaves a lot to be desired – a cramped, smelly venue with terrible beer and worse service, you’d think we hate this venue. However, like your annoying brother, it is impossible to hate this venue.

It’s build a name for itself by constanty putting on some of the best bands from all over the world, and despite all its shortcomings, you know that a gig at the Underworld is always going to be sweaty, moshy and amazing.

Top Vintage Markets- by Matthew 4.02.2016


1. Vauxhall Flea Market

A sprawling outdoors flea market which sells everything from second hand electronics to knock-off clothing brands. However, the real charm is the many cool antiques which you uncover occasionally. Sold at a fraction of the price you’d expect, Vauxhall Flea Market is a true treasure hunt for bargain hunters.

Held at the Flower Market every Sunday, it’s a stone’s throw from Vauxhall tube station and I can’t recommend it enough.

2. Deptford Market

Although smaller than the Vauxhall Flea Market, Deptford market has just as much cool stuff to see. Whether you’re looking for genuine trainers at a fraction of the cost, vintage gaming consoles or just beautiful antiques, Deptford Market is well worth a go.

Although the quality can be a bit hit-and-miss sometimes (I’ve bought my fair share of broken stuff there) on the whole it is a charmingly cockney and genuine market.

3. Brick Lane Market

These days there’s not as much to see as there was a couple of years ago, but the Brick Lane market still deserves a mention, if anything for its historical and cultural importance on the vintage scene in London. You can still buy great old clothes and furniture here, but it’s sad to see that it has degraded a little as the years go by and the house prices soar.

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