Things to know about buying a classic car:


There is a very big difference between buying a classic car and buying a regular one. When buying a classic, there is more diligence and research that is needed as the money involved is a lot. There are many dealers that sell these cars and this does not make the process easier in any way. There is therefore the need for one to research diligently and get all the information they need before making the purchase. The good news is that it doesn’t require the buyer to be a holder of a degree in rocket science in order to make the best buy. This article will mention some things you need to know before making the purchase.

Avoid rusty cars

One of the very first things that need to be considered is the condition of the car. As far as this is concerned, the classic car should always be inspected for rust. There are people who opt to buy a rusted classic car and replace the rusty parts but this is where the problem lies. The car will never be an original. A small patch of rust can be repaired but large rusted sections are a warning sign to stay away. The general rule of the thumb is to avoid buying a classic car has rusted panels and body work.

Low mileage classic cars cost more

It is possible to see two identical classic cars with two different prices and in most cases; one price will be way higher than the other. The reason for this is that when it comes to classic cars, the lower the mileage the higher the price of the car. It is therefore upon the buyer to decide how much they want to spend. This is not to mean that high mileage classic cars are bad. If the car was very well maintained, there is nothing wrong with buying it. One of the advantages of high mileage classic cars is that they are cheaper.

Only loveable cars should be bought

One of the simplest rules of enjoying a classic car investment is buying a car that one loves. There are many classic cars out there and one shouldn’t buy one just because it is a classic. The wise thing to do is to come up with a model that looks great and one loves and buy it. This way, it will be a great experience every time the car is on the road. There are people who have made the mistake of buying the first classic car they came across only to store it in the garage as they fell out of love with it after a few months of use.

Rare cars are more valuable

People love being unique and when it comes to buying classic cars, rare cars have more values. It is therefore wise to look for cars that were produced in low numbers. For instance, there are manufactures that released only 5000 models of a particular car. These cars will be of a higher value when compared to models that were mass produced. Research on this can be done online as one applies for their UK drivers licence.

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Top Three SEO tips for 2014

As we continue to look forward to what the rest of 2014 will bring us we understand that the development of SEO will not slow down and little tricks to get your sight found in search engines are becoming a thing of the past and search engine’s like Google are looking to put more ethical and quality sites and the top of their lists for keyword searches.

We begin with the theme that will be carried out throughout this year and that is it’s about quality and not quantity meaning that having links to high page rank sites will be more beneficial than having loads of links to low rank sites. Continue reading

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Blekko updates their filtering function

Blekko, the small and fast growing search engine, have recently updated their categories. When you search in Blekko you will find categories to select. When searching for a keyword like ‘SEO’ you will see categories that might be more relevant for your query. In this particular case you will see ‘top results’, ‘latest results’, ‘seo sites’, ‘twitter’, ‘sem’ Continue reading

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Facebook working on social search engine: Report

SAN FRANCISCO – Facebook is focused on creating a new search engine to help people better navigate everything on the social network, according to a report.

The social network has deployed two dozen Facebook engineers onto the ambitious project, led by former Google engineer Lars Rasmussen, to radically improve the search engine currently available on the social network, reports Bloomberg Businessweek.

According to the magazine’s unnamed sources at the social network, the goal of the project is “to help users better sift through the volume of content that members create on the site, such as status updates, and the articles, videos, and other information across the Web that people “like” using Facebook’s omnipresent thumbs-up button”.

West Coast editor Drew Olanof said: “For example: [if] I wanted a taco, I wouldn’t necessarily type taco into an open search box like I would on Google. I’d choose a location or a group of friends and then search for “taco”. Based on where they’ve checked in on Foursquare or Facebook, or things that they’ve ‘liked’, I could be given results to check out.”

By doing so, Facebook is going after Google’s territory, just as the search giant is moving in the opposite direction and going after social, through its launch of Google+.

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